How to order a personalized diamond painting?

This morning I saw my family’s favorite photos and thought I could do it with a beautiful painting with diamonds.

It is a picture of mom and dad circa 1952.

Hey, these days! Check out this white wall tire!

How can I order a custom diamond paintings kit anyway?

It is a big problem and often appears in the 5dwhat is diamond painting community?

This guide is a useful guide to step by step how to order a nicely personalized free diamond painting.

Easy and fast.

Select the photos you want to replace with personalized amazon diamond painting.
Transfer it to your phone or computer.
Order diamond painting kits Walmart.
Email the photo to the email address on the product page or download it when ordering (if available).

Some good suggestions are to contact the supplier in advance to discuss your order.

What photos are available for personalized diamond painting amazon?

The short answer is all photos.

After all, it is your ever moment diamond painting.

We recommend using only the cleanest and cleanest images.

However, as many photos with the high emotional value may not always be the cleanest or sharpest.


Many sentimental photos may not be digitized.

Good pictures work.

painting with diamonds

But the essential thing to customize diamond painting club or how to do diamond painting is size so that everyone can do too much with each photo.

The bigger, the better.

You can also make your photos sharper and display them as contrast or evidence.

Disney diamond painting is something you don’t know.

You can order the image’s design, design, and a custom image.

full drill diamond painting is a picture of the diamond artwork we sold to Diamondxpres, which is the custom of drawing a customer’s granddaughter.

I added spices and colors, but I have an idea.

Which order form diamond painting kits should I order?

Match the shape and shape of the photo used for DIY custom diamond art kits.

The iPhone’s shooting ratio is 3: 4, so you can record the entire screen at a size of 30x40cm.

Printing is usually 4: 5, so 40 x 50cm is very good.

You can zoom in as long as 20 x 25 cm of cotton is available.

Suitable for landscaping best diamond painting kits or landscaping size close to 40 x 60cm.

If you are too confused, order 40x40cm to solve.

Should I use round or square diamonds in a custom diamond art kit?


5d diamond painting kits are a personal preference.

The square diamond painting kit is always sharper and sharper.

However, if a square diamond is not suitable, custom diamond painting has an excellent preference.

We have received many round custom 5d diamond painting orders, and customers are satisfied with the results.